Sustainability is one of the focus areas of Juleye exclusive eyewear.

A pair of sunglasses purchased at Juleye is always a sustainable purchase.
Juleye specializes in the purchase and sale of overstock of exclusive designer sunglasses. In many cases this overstock is being destroyed or stuffed away, because these are models from only one season ago. These sunglasses, however are high quality sunglasses with a design that will last for a long, long time.

The moment of production is not the most important aspect of eyewear. As eyewear influences your appearance and expresses your personality, the most important part is that the eyewear that you choose complements you and your person!

Because of that, most people purchase their sunglasses for a couple of years, the quality and design of these sunglasses also really allow for this.

By this way of doing business, we make sure that these sunglasses still find a worthy owner and are able to offer them at a really great price! 

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