Placing an order & stock information

Our stock

In our webshop you are able to quickly see the current stock status of the sunglasses of your choice. At the webpage of the sunglasses there is at the right site a small heading that says "availability", the correct actual stock status is always displayed there. So you are able to exactly tell how many pieces of the model we have in stock. When an order is placed, this number is automatically updated. This way you will never have to worry if the glasses are actually in stock.

How to place an order

If you have chosen a great pair of sunglasses and want to order them at Juleye Exclusive Eyewear, this can be done very easily.

After you have added the sunglasses to your shoppingcart you can check-out without even creating an account. Of course there is also the option to register and create an account at the shop.

Creating an account offers a few advantages over deciding to check-out without creating an account. Once you have your own account, you don't have the need to type in your address details for future purchases. Also, you can easilty keep track of the status of your orders by visiting your own personal page. Of course all customers will get e-mail updates about the status of their order, no matter if you have created a personal account or not.

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