Lens materials

The selection of sunglasses that you will find on our website makes use of several different lensmaterials. CR39 and glass are the most used material, the properties of these materials will be explained below. 


CR39 is a plastic that is commonly used for the production of sunglass lenses. CR39 blocks harmful UV-rays and has the lowest optical abberation of all plastics on the market. Besides CR39 has the highest scratch resistance of all optical plastics on the market today.
Because CR39 is a very lightweight plastic it is ensured that the weight of the sunglasses will be as low as possible. 


Some of the brands that we carry make use of glass lenses. The use of glass makes sure that you will have a pair of sunglasses with the maximum possible optical clarity. The weight is a little higher than CR39 though. 
Besides these properties, glass has a very high scratch resistance.

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