Frame material

Below, you will find an explanation of the various frame materials that you will find on our website.


Acetate is a plastic which is used a lot in the production of eyewear. It is a material that can be build up using several layers. This makes it possible to create a unique layered frame. The fit of a pair of sunglasses made out of acetate could be perfectly customized. 


Optyl is a plastic which is made using a patented process. It is a plastic that is 20% lighter than acetate and consists of only one layer. For that reason, the layered build-up that we see with acetate it not possible using optyl. Optyl has a so called "memory effect" and therefor the sunglasses will adjust to the head of the user. Optyl is an anti-allergenic material.


Metal is a material that is used a lot for the production of the famous aviator sunglasses. Metal sunglasses are perfectly adjustable to the head of the user of the sunglasses. 


Titanium is a very strong and lightweight type of metal. Therefor sunglasses made out of titanium can be made using very little material to keep the weight even lower. Titanium is an anti-allergenic material.

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